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by Emma O'Reilly

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released 22 November 2014

Music recorded at Noone Music Studios, Storm Studios and Unit 1 Studios.
Mixed at Unit 1 studios by Marc Aubele
Mastered by Stephen Quinn

String Ensemble: Éna Brennan, Sharon Courtney, Clara Grimes, Réiltín Níc Charthaigh-Dúill, Anna Clifford. Additional strings: Matt Rafter.

Artwork: Emma O'Reilly
Design: Michelle Walsh



all rights reserved


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Emma O'Reilly Dublin, Ireland

Emma is a Dublin based singer-songwriter. Since graduating from Trinity College Dublin with a BAHons in Music she's been gigging around the country with her own material. Emma's shows are powerful, emotionally soaring and uplifting. Her music marries the fun of pop, the sultry tones of a singer-songwriter, the power of R&B and the beauty of classical music into a catchy, truly original sound. ... more

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Track Name: Winter
I'm heading into Winter, and each progressing day sets us apart
I'm trying to put some miles between us, but I end up right back at the start
I'm having trouble letting go, although most days I'll swear I'm doing fine
And in some dark corner of myself, I want to hear you say you still are mine

And I'll be praying to your God your words are true
I'll be praying to a God I never knew

Yeah well we all have our choices; I know you by the road you choose to walk
And from your lips forgiveness is just another word, just useless talk
I'm stronger now I've given up, I'm angry but at least now I can feel
Determination pulled me through, I'm better off alone and that's what's real

So I will march into the battle of the new
And I'll be praying that your God, He loves me too
Yeah I'll pick myself back up, it's what I do
And I will march because I've nothing left to lose

Never again, now I know I have worth
Roll on the winter and freeze up the earth
Never again, I deserve more than this
Love comes in seasons, It is what it is
It is what it is, and you are what you are

Oh it is what it is
Track Name: Little Boy Blue
Little Boy Blue, Little Boy Blue,
If I'd seen the sights you've seen, I would sleep too
Here in the corn, away from the call of the farmer's wife

If I had your past, I would sleep rough
Questions come easy, but they're not enough
To say all the words unspoken;
To find what is lost, to heal what has been broken

Little Boy Blue, don't venture there
The city will swallow you up in its air
And misery's touch will leave you with nothing,
Just lifeless eyes

And there will be nothing left here
All I'll have is your song lingering in my ear!

Little Boy Blue, Little Boy Blue! I don't want it to be this way
I have given you everything

I'll still hold on to each word that you say
'till the horn of the ship sounds and takes you away
With promises you made to me
now I am left stranded here with your song in my ears

Little Boy Blue, Little Boy Blue! I don't want it to be this way
I have given you everything

Little Boy Blue, open your eyes
I want one last look before you make me cry
Track Name: Wolf (Part 1)
Walking in the dappled light I saw what could have been
dressed in red, with skin so pure I thought she was a dream
I could smell her sweet sharp scent from just beyond the trees
Watched her breath curl in the morning mid october freeze

Golden hair, eyes so blue, she stole my heart when she said:
"Love me; Love me if you dare!"

From then on I dreamed of how we'd live, and how we'd die
I would fill her life with love and never let her cry
She would banish all my fears, my woes, and I'd know joy
I gave all the heart and soon became her favourite toy, a toy but no more

Golden hair, eyes so blue, she stole my heart when she said:
"Love me; Love me if you dare!"

Just love me; don't lie to me
Just promise that you'll love me
Just promise that you'll Love me