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by Emma O'Reilly

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Shake 02:54
I just cannot compare to you – so beautiful I just can't do the things you do – so wonderful And I will shake, 'cause the sky's gonna fall when I come to my senses and realise that everything I'm doing is a waste Of the breath in my lungs, of the songs I have sung Of the voice I have been given just to speak my own truth Huh huh! I need a change of policy – so personal I need a set of new beliefs - I’ve been too comfortable And I will break down the words in my head I'm allowed to be sad, but I'm not allowed to be so cruel to the only one who was here from the start, who will always remain I have pushed her away, now I have got to win her back Huh huh! The roof of this great house is surely falling down Huh huh! Can you feel the earth quake with the knowledge to come? I can feel in my bones It will tear me apart and reconfigure me and then if I look in your eyes,and I don’t see the truth, or a person like me, then I have got to start again Huh huh! Can you feel it, feel the earth, Can you feel it, feel the earth… Can you feel it, feel the earth, can you feel the earth, feel the earth... SHAKE!
Count 03:50
1, 2; only me, only you 3, 4; it's raining outside, hold the door Oh don't go! Gently cutting through the fray Oh don't go! I'm feeling kind of lonely, won't you stay? 10, 9; 8 O'clock, yeah, that'd be fine Oh 9, 10; it's time to see you off again but don't go gentle into that good night, oh don't go! 'Cause I'll be out of sight and out of mind Doo doo doo doo doo... 2, 3; I know you never think of me That's okay, I'm scared to love you anyway but I want you; I want to touch, I've got to know I want you! I'm too afraid to ask you not to go Doo doo doo doo doo... (Well if I had courage, If I were beautiful Well I would say something, I would say anything) 1, 1, 2, what is the goddamn thing about you? 3, 3, 4, why can't I let you walk out the door? 4, 4, 5, some call it living, some being alive 5, 5, 6, a million ways to leave me, take your pick 8, 9; light the fire, pour the wine Stay with me, and sing until it's two or three Then don't go just because the embers die No, don't go, stay with me and tell me pretty lies Doo doo doo doo doo... (La la la la la la...) Stay with me; Stay with me
Cervantes 05:24
There must be something I can take To help me bend before I break Doctor, take your needle, isn't that what you're for? I'll lie still; just promise me no more I want to walk through that front door And see his books lined up once more Oh my bold Cervantes, I am lost! The world is full of blame, 'cos there's a cost To living with the bones under your skin Dust and ashes, bury him deep And do not wait as he sleeps – he won't rise So don't stay by his side Peace; and nothing now but the clay And memories of the days Sitting at home Standing by the fire waiting for the end Oh Doctor, Doctor please be kind Silence my rage and numb my mind Stop their pious praying, get it out of my face And let him go; et him go
Cogar liom, Ó ná éirigh a stóir Tá sé dainsearach lasmuigh. Cogar liom, ná tabhair aird ar na ndeora, Ó tá sé contúirteach san domhan mór mílteannach sin Tá na coillte trí thine anocht Tá deatach dubh dorcha ag fás Níl mé clíste, no saibhir no bocht Ach níl aon rud fagtha anseo A chara, a chara, cá bhfuil tú imithe? Tá farraige folamha eadrann anois Súile dubha, tá gach gné duit athrithe Ó bháigh tú mo chara le fearg agus éad 'gus tá tú grammaithe le chéile le tairní agus téid Ní tógfaidh mé an mílleán, níl ormsa an locht Níor dhíol mé mo anam i gcomhair beagánín cumacht, Ach fós - fós - tá faitíos orm go lasfinn d'aon bhflam Ó tógfainn ar ais é, ach níl mé in ndann, tá mé dóite Le tairní agus téid... Translation: ("Codhladh Sámh" means Sleep soundly) Whisper with me, don't get up my love It's dangerous outside Whisper with me, don't pay heed to the tears It's dangerous in that huge world Mmmm... The woods are on fire tonight black, dark smoke is growing I'm not clever, or rich or poor but there is nothing left for me here Chorus: My friend, my friend, where have you gone? There are empty oceans between us now Black eyes, every aspect of you has changed You drowned my friend with anger and jealousy you're held together by nails and string I won't take the blame, the fault isn't mine I didn't sell my soul for a bit of power But still, still, I'm afraid I'll burst into flame I'd take it back, but I can't, I'm burned Chorus: With nails and string Ah.....
Geneva 04:16
It came as a whisper; It came as a sigh “Where are we now, and where will we go?” “I’ll do what you want, if you’ll only just name it; So what do you want?” I do not know Can’t I just sleep? I have nothing to wake for ‘Cause that intimate question cut me right to the core So I’ll toss and I’ll turn until I have the answer “What do you want?” I do not know


released May 19, 2017

Vocals, Backing vocals, Piano, Ukulele: Emma O'Reilly
Drums and Percussion: Dennis Cassidy
Guitar: Reuben Teskey
Bass guitar: Kevin Healy

Written by Emma O'Reilly
Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Les Keye at Arad studios, Dublin
Mastered by Liam Grant


all rights reserved



Emma O'Reilly Dublin, Ireland

An Irish songwriter and performer based in Norwich, UK.

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